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Water Regulations

Who regulates bottled water?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water as a food product.

The bottled water industry is heavily regulated by both federal and state agencies. Bottled water companies also conform to standards set by industry associations.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water as a food product. State governments work with the FDA to assure quality standards are followed. At Mountain Valley Water Co., we open our plant to inspections by a third-party company. Mountain Valley Water Co. also proudly participates in quality programs run by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). We regularly earn the IBWA's “Excellence in Manufacturing” designation.

Does Mountain Valley Spring Water have a shelf life?

The FDA has not established a shelf life for bottled water. Mountain Valley Water Co. complies with state regulations that have specified a two-year expiration from the date of production. The code dates are printed on each bottle.

What do the “NSF” and “OU” marks on the label mean?

In addition to compliance with federal and state regulators, Mountain Valley Water Co. chooses to participate in the National Sanitation Foundation's voluntary quality program. The NSF conducts annual unannounced plant inspections that cover every aspect of a bottler's operation — from the source of the water, through the disinfection and treatment processes, and the bottle-closure process. The NSF also performs extensive testing for more than 160 chemical, inorganic, radiological and microbiological contaminants.

The Orthodox Union (OU) conducts the world's best-known kosher certification. OU certification means that Mountain Valley Spring Water may be consumed by all those who observe kosher dietary laws, as well as many others who have special dietary requirements (such as Moslems and Seventh-Day Adventists).

Is Mountain Valley Spring Water filtered or processed in any way?

Yes. In accordance with federal and state regulations and good industry practice, Mountain Valley Spring Water is both filtered and protected with ultraviolet light and ozone. Ozone is used to kill bacteria that may commonly be found in water supplies. Because ozone rapidly breaks down to oxygen after being injected into the water, the wonderful taste of Mountain Valley Spring Water is not affected.

How does Mountain Valley test for bacteria and other potential contaminants?

Mountain Valley Water Co.'s on-site quality-control laboratory conducts dozens of tests on samples from both the spring source and product water each day. In addition, additional samples are submitted to the Arkansas Department of Health and third-party laboratories on a weekly basis.

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