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Coolers and Dispensers

Cook ’N Cold Cooler

Our porcelain dispensers feature solid verified porcelain, fired at over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and finished with a clear, nontoxic, lead-free glaze.
Porcelain Water Dispenser Striped Porcelain Crock Dispenser

Dispenses bottled water at two temperatures — chilled drinking water from one tap, and room temperature for cooking from the other. Great for preparing meals.

Oasis round bottled water coolers combine superior cooling with styling that accommodates any décor.

The patented probe and sleeve cooling system chills the water from the center of the reservoir for more efficient cooling.

Hot ‘N Cold Cooler

Serves up to 45 cups of piping hot water and one gallon of cold drinking water per hour. Perfect for the shop, office or home for preparing hot beverages or soups instantly.

Oasis square bottled water coolers offer the patented probe-and- sleeve cooling system that chills the water from the inside out, reducing the potential of condensation that can rust and damage parts. The one-piece cabinet has color molded all the way through to help conceal scratches for years of use.

Porcelain Water Dispensers

Our dispensers feature solid verified porcelain, fired at over 2200°F, and finished with a clear glaze. This construction method provides resistance to chipping and breakage. These dispensers have a 2 ½- gallon capacity and come with food-grade plastic protection rings to seal and seat the bottle on the dispenser.

Floor and Counter Stands

Enhance your porcelain dispenser with the addition of a solid-wood floor or counter stand. These top-quality stands feature screw-tight construction, smooth wood joints, and disk and mar-resistant adjustable feet. They are available in a natural glossy finish.



Cooler rental is billed on a quarterly basis.  A deposit on rental equipment may be required.

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